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    H-PROOF Bottle

    Black cherry chewables that support alcohol metabolism, promote liver health, and restore vital nutrients, so you can wake up feeling better than you should.

    20 Servings = 1 Bottle, 60 servings = 3 Bottles

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    20 Servings ( $2.95 / serving )

    Feel Good, Guaranteed*
    Love it or a full refund on your first 20 servings

    H-PROOF Bottle

    20 Servings ( $2.95 / serving )

    Meet your drink’s new mate

    Our founder, board-certified surgeon Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD, combined her medical expertise with global scientific research to support your body in three critical ways

    3 Simple Steps

    What’s in H-PROOF?

    There’s a lot of noise and nonsense about bouncing back after drinking. Let’s skip that laundry list of next-day “solutions” and start your morning off on the right foot. H-PROOF has just what you need so you can wake up feeling surprisingly good.

    Manufactured in an FDA-Registered cGMP-Certified Facility

    H-PROOF Bottle Supplement Facts

    H-PROOF has been Featured On:

    H-PROOF on Forbes
    H-PROOF on Dr. Oz
    H-PROOF on The Hustle
    H-PROOF on The Skimm
    H-PROOF on Medical Daily

    Feel Good, Guaranteed

    Because everybody is different we want you to try H-PROOF risk-free. If you don't it, let us know within 30 days of your first 20 serving purchase and we'll refund you 100%

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      Bob B.
      United States United States

      Great product. Wake up next morning fresh as a daisy!

      Sally B.
      United States United States
      Awesome product!

      Once a month my girlfriends and I get together, drink wine and have fun! H-Proof allows us to have fun without paying a price the next day...which is the way having fun should work! I take one H-Proof before the party, a couple afterward, and one the next morning. Wish this had been around when I was young(er!) and doing a lot of partying. Sometimes I take one of these if I'm feeling a little sluggish on a normal day. Seems to give me that little extra boost.

      Johanna G.
      United States United States
      Game changer!!

      I am a lightweight drinker and I get debilitating hangovers even if I have only 2-3 drinks. These vitamins have completely saved me! My boyfriend has even made the comment, "you should not be this chipper after drinking last night." Because he knows how sick I get. Not anymore! I take my vitamins, go to sleep and wake feeling functional! Thank you, H-proof!

      United States United States
      This product is Excellent

      I have been loving H-Proof lately! In the past several months I have used it when I occasionally drink, and Im not hanover anymore. Sometimes you may need 2 extra pills when you wake up in the morking if you feel like you can still feel better, and they work great. 100% recommended!

      Rachel S.
      Jamaica Jamaica

      I have spent the last week in Jamaica and have been drinking all day and I take these right before bed and have woke up feeling great every morning. So excited to have found this product


      Take a full servings as soon after your last alcoholic beverage as possible.

      2 tablets (1 packet) is a full serving. Let each tablet melt in your mouth one at a time as you chew; it absorbs better. If you are enjoying more than 5 drinks, take a full serving after every 5 or fewer drinks.

      If you experience “red flush”, H-PROOF works best by having one packet 30-60 minutes before your first drink and a second packet after your last drink.

      Yes! Many of our customers find that they feel better than usual the day after taking H-PROOF and use it even without alcohol. Please note that H-PROOF is not meant to replace your normal daily nutrient intake.

      Mouthwatering black cherry 🍒