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HOW MANY - 2 tablets is a full serving.

WHEN - As soon as possible after your last drink.

WHAT TO DO - Chew each tablet slowly, one at a time, and let it dissolve in your mouth.

EXTRA SERVING - If you enjoy more than 5 drinks, take a full serving after every 5 or fewer drinks.

GOOD MORNING - If needed, take a full serving of H-PROOF when you wake up.

H-PROOF’s patented formula combines 15 active ingredients to support alcohol metabolism, promote healthy liver function, restore vital nutrients, and more.

H-PROOF Bottle

Supplement Facts for H-PROOF Bottle

H-PROOF Packets

Supplement Facts for H-PROOF Packets

If you experience “red flush”, H-PROOF works best by taking 2 tablets 30-60 minutes before your first drink and another 2 tablets as soon as possible after your last drink

Yes! Many of our customers find that they feel better than usual the day after taking H-PROOF and use it even without alcohol

Please note that H-PROOF is not meant to replace your normal daily nutrient intake

Nope -- H-PROOF is a chewable

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Safety and quality are our top priorities. H-PROOF is fully FDA-compliant and we manufacture and quality test in an FDA-registered and cGMP-registered facility in the United States

H-PROOF is a nutraceutical, not a pharmaceutical, and as such, there is no FDA approval process

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