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HOW MANY - 2 tablets is a full serving.

WHEN - As soon as possible after your last drink.

WHAT TO DO - Chew each tablet slowly, one at a time, and let it dissolve in your mouth.

EXTRA SERVING - If you enjoy more than 5 drinks, take a full serving after every 5 or fewer drinks.

GOOD MORNING - If needed, take a full serving when you wake up.

H-PROOF’s patented formula combines 15 active ingredients to support alcohol metabolism, promote healthy liver function, restore vital nutrients, and more.

H-PROOF Bottles

Supplement Facts for H-PROOF Bottle

H-PROOF Packets

Supplement Facts for H-PROOF Packets

If you experience red flush while drinking, we recommend taking a serving of The Anytime You Drink Vitamin 30-45 minutes before your first drink and a second serving after your last drink.

Yes! Many of our customers find that they feel better than usual the day after taking it and use it even without alcohol

Please note that it is not meant to replace your normal daily nutrient intake

Nope -- H-PROOF is a chewable

Black cherry tastes kind of like Sweet Tarts🍒

Tangerine is like eating Pez 🍊

Lemonade has a soft, sweet but not too sweet, lemon flavor 🍋

Safety and quality are our top priorities. H-PROOF is fully FDA-compliant and we manufacture and quality test in an FDA-registered and cGMP-registered facility in the United States

H-PROOF is a nutraceutical, not a pharmaceutical, and as such, there is no FDA approval process

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