"Aging Kind of Sucks"

I started experiencing rough mornings after having a few drinks as I approached the age of 30.

I asked my mom, a board-certified medical doctor, why all of a sudden this was happening. She explained that the main reason why we wake up feeling bad after drinking is alcohol metabolism, NOT dehydration.

Alcohol is metabolized in the liver, producing toxins that when not fully processed, spread throughout the body. And as we age, our metabolism slows down.


Mom To The Rescue

Refusing to accept this fate, I asked my mom if she would help me create a vitamin to solve my problem. She said yes!

She did a deep-dive into how we metabolize alcohol while I scoured scientific journals for any developments. After years of research, product development, and testing, we arrived at the ultimate formula.


Rachel Kaplan and Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD


#53 on the Inc. 5000

We founded H-PROOF®, a brand built on the idea that science-supported vitamins can help us feel good despite the downsides of aging.


In 2019, we launched The Anytime You Drink Vitamin®, a double-patented product. It was such a hit, it became the 6th fastest-growing consumer product, and H-PROOF® became the 53rd fastest-growing private company, in the U.S. in 2023!


How Else Can We Help You?

We asked what you needed, and you answered... ENERGY.

The afternoon slump hits like clockwork. Most of us reach for coffee or energy drinks when we start to feel unmotivated or unfocused, but it's only a partial fix. They help our brain feel more awake, but don't give our body any energy. And they come with unwanted side effects like jitters followed by a crash.


The New Way to Power Your Day

After years of research, product development, and a field trial with 147 H-PROOF® customers, The Anytime You Need Energy™ launched in early 2024 with a patent-pending!