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Our Story

My name is Rachel and I'm the CEO & Co-Founder of H-PROOF

I graduated from Columbia Law School and spent the next 7 years in New York helping startups grow

I used to get terrible hangovers. This is the story of how I, with the help of a brilliant medical doctor, eliminated them


It started with a very turbulent flight...

Have you ever been on a flight that was so turbulent you thought the plane might go down? I was on a flight like that from New York to Los Angeles, and to distract ourselves from what seemed like inevitable death, the woman next to me and I started a conversation

She asked me about my plans in LA and I told her that I had a big party on Saturday night and tickets to see the Nutcracker on Sunday afternoon, but I was worried that I would be too sluggish on Sunday to enjoy the show

That's when this woman changed my life. She told me that she discovered something that helped prevent hangovers

She was at a bachelorette party in New Orleans not too long ago and every morning she woke up feeling only moderately fuzzy while her friends were miserable. They were all eating and drinking the same things, except she was also taking prenatal vitamins. Soon, the whole group was taking the prenatals, and experiencing lesser hangovers

When we landed, she handed me some of her prenatal vitamins so I could try them


My unusual journey with prenatal vitamins

I took the pills that Saturday night. I had a blast at the party, and not only did I make it to the Nutcracker the next day, I went for a hike beforehand!

So, I kept taking them. For 2 years, as a single woman, I took prenatal vitamins every time I drank. And... I shared them with my friends

Finally,I decided it was too weird to have prenatals in my medicine cabinet, so I started researching to understand what was in them that helped with hangovers


Searching for a better alternative

The reason why prenatals helped? They contain a vitamin b complex. I started taking a vitamin b complex instead; it was just as effective

I wondered if there were other vitamins that might help with drinking, so I continued searching.I found scientific research from all over the world showing how milk thistle, DHM, and other naturally-occurring elements help with alcohol metabolism

I approached a brilliant patent-holding, double-fellowship trained board-certified surgeon, and asked for her help in interpreting the research. She happens to be my mother

I didn't understand why these naturally-occurring elements helped with hangovers, when hangovers were caused by dehydration


A breakthrough

She explained that hangovers aren't caused by dehydration. They're caused by the way we process alcohol

When we drink, enzymes in our liver turn the alcohol into toxins and then neutralize those toxins. When we drink more than our enzymes can handle, those toxins escape our liver and flow all over our body causing terrible symptoms

The vitamins helped with my next-day drag because they helped my body make more enzymes to process alcohol and eliminate toxins

But the vitamins weren't perfect. They lessened my hangovers, but didn't eliminate them entirely.I wanted something more effective that incorporated all of the science-supported elements I found

My mom was excited by the challenge


Years of research & development

My mom did a deep-dive into how we metabolize alcohol and combined her medical expertise with the scientific research I found. After years of research, development, and testing, she arrived at the ultimate formula

Using my background in law and business, we partnered with an FDA-registered manufacturer in the U.S. to turn that formula into a mouthwatering chewable tablet. H-PROOF was born!