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Feel better than you should

A breakthrough chewable for anytime you drink


Hi, we're H-PROOF!

The first patent-pending & doctor-developed chewables that help you process alcohol

Each packet has 2 black cherry chewable tablets you take after your last drink / before bed

That 'fuzzy' feeling

Socializing can mean the difference between a great or a rough next morning

We're here to help you wake up feeling fresh, because you deserve to enjoy your evenings and start your mornings off on the right foot

The H-PROOF Formula

Good-for-you ingredients


H-PROOF is a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, liver detoxifiers & electrolytes formulated to boost your ability to process alcohol




H-PROOF was created by Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD, a double fellowship trained, board-certified surgeon

Backed by Science

Scientists worldwide have studied how the ingredients in H-PROOF assist alcohol metabolism


Our patent-pending absorption method ensures H-PROOF doesn't get lost in your digestive system

Does it work?

Join the thousands who have tried H-PROOF. Results vary, but on average, people feel 2X better than expected

What was the best part about it is how I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world. What an incredible product!!!!! I look forward to buying more and having the peace of mind that after a night of wine I can feel like a super hero the next day!

Craig C.

I've never really had bad hangovers, but I am more tired the next morning when I have been drinking. H-PROOF made me wake up with much more energy than I would normally have after a night of drinking.

Toby B.

I waited in fear all day for the hangover to happen and it never came. I didn’t feel my 100% but I honestly deserved so much worse. I woke up walked the dog at 8am, cleaned my apt, ran a bunch errands, and cooked a huge Sunday dinner for friends!

Casey E.

Feel Good Guarantee

We're so confident in H-PROOF, we'll let you try it risk-free

If you don't ❤️ it, let us know within 30 days of your first purchase and we'll refund you 100%


Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD explains

What causes drink-related drag


Not dehydration


Alcohol travels to your liver where enzymes turn it into toxins, and then enzymes neutralize those toxins


Once you use up your enzymes, toxins escape your liver and flow all over your body, causing your symptoms

How H-PROOF works

H-PROOF provides you with building blocks to help you create more enzymes so you can better process alcohol & neutralize more toxins

It also boosts your immune system and helps support healthy brain, body, heart, and liver function



B Vitamins

H-PROOF is packed with Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12 to support your basic metabolism, liver function, and brain function. They're also enzyme building blocks


Vitamin C, Vitamin E, NAC, Milk Thistle, Taurine, B2, B6, B9, and B12 are powerful antioxidants. They help you combat free radicals caused by alcohol

Liver Detoxifiers

When you drink, your liver does some heavy lifting. Zinc, NAC, DHM, Milk Thistle, Taurine, B3, B5, and B6 all help detoxify it while supporting your immune system


We included Potassium, a wonderfully effective electrolyte, to help re-balance your system

Gluten & Sugar Free

There's no gluten or sugar in H-PROOF

H-PROOF featured on The Dr. Oz Show


FDA-Compliant & Made in 🇺🇸

H-PROOF is manufactured and quality tested in an FDA-registered & cGMP-registered facility in the United States

Ugrade your mornings

Wake up your best self

You've got too much to do and  can't afford to wake up feeling 'fuzzy'



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