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The 20 Pack ($3.95/Serving)
The 20 Pack ($3.95/Serving)
The 20 Pack ($3.95/Serving)

The 20 Pack ($3.95/Serving)


20 travel-ready packets so you have enough H-PROOF on-hand to feel better than you should this holiday season.

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Supplement Facts Panel
How H-PROOF Works

We recommend taking H-PROOF every time you drink, from 2 drink happy hours to big nights out

It works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 Cheers tonight

Step 2 Savor 1 packet of H-PROOF (2 delicious black cherry chewables) after your last drink / before bed

Step 3 Crush tomorrow

What To Expect

Everybody's different, but on average, people feel 2X better with H-PROOF than they expect to feel without it:

These mouthwatering black cherry chewables are your new favorite way to drink responsibly


This breakthrough multivitamin was created by a genius* medical doctor to help improve your alcohol metabolism because she can't drink like she used to, and neither can you


It's packed with 15 science-supported ingredients and is patent-pending two times over


*Seriously... Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD is a MENSA-certified genius

  • Is it FDA approved?

    Safety and quality are our top priorities. H-PROOF is fully FDA-compliant and we manufacture and quality test in an FDA-registered and cGMP-registered facility in the United States

    H-PROOF is a dietary supplement, not a drug, and as such, there is no FDA approval process

  • What does H-PROOF taste like?

    H-PROOF has a delicious black cherry flavor ūüćí

  • What size are the tablets?

    H-PROOF tablets are about the size and shape of TUMS

  • Do I have to take both tablets in the packet?

    A full serving of H-PROOF is 2 tablets

    If you only chew 1 tablet, it may not be effective

  • When should I take it?

    H-PROOF was developed to help prevent drink-related drag. Our testing has shown that H-PROOF works best if you chew both tablets immediately after your last drink/before you go to bed


    If you forget to take H-PROOF before bed and wake up feeling fuzzy, take it ASAP. It should help ease symptoms within ~30 minutes


    If you experience “red flush”, H-PROOF works best by having one packet 30 minutes before your first drink and a second packet after your last drink

  • Can I dissolve it in water and drink it?

    H-PROOF is a chewable

    If you dissolve it in water and drink it, it may not be effective because it will travel through your digestive system instead of absorbing directly into your bloodstream

  • Can I take it even if I'm not drinking?

    Yes! Many of our customers find that they feel better than usual when taking H-PROOF and use it even without alcohol

    Please note that H-PROOF is not meant to replace your normal daily nutrient intake

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