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The 10 Pack ($3.95/Serving)
The 10 Pack ($3.95/Serving)
The 10 Pack ($3.95/Serving)

The 10 Pack ($3.95/Serving)

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How to use H-PROOF

For best results, slowly savor both tablets right after your last drink/before bed.

On a night of heavier drinking, take 1 packet for every 4-6 drinks.

If you wake up feeling fuzzy, you can also take H-PROOF in the morning to help alleviate symptoms.

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Dan D.
United States United States
Best I’ve felt after a long night of drinking

There was a substantial increase in my productivity and mental clarity upon waking up after taking h-proof. Normally, the hangovers get pretty rough for me, but this negated pretty much all of the negative effects of the hangover. H-proof certainly works as well as advertised. If you know you’re drinking for an occasion and need to be productive the next day, this is your god-send!

Michael G.
United States United States
Best Superbowl Hang over cure!

I'm so impressed by this unbelievable new supplement used for helping heal that hang over misery. Think about you and your family and try these. My wife has to be on her game every day. She loves her wine, but must not feel toxic in the morning. The best hang over pill available!

Demetrius H.
Quality product

I decided to take H-PROOF after a New Years Eve party. Knowing how much I drank, I'd usually be comatose for the next day, and maybe even the day after. H-PROOF made the hangover tolerable and I even worked out for a few hours on New Years Day.

Erin G.
Love the taste

Felt amazing the next day! Also tasted great and was very easy to take!

Craig C.
Woke up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world

My first thought when I was about to chew it was this probably isn't going to taste good and will be a struggle to eat. Low and behold it actually tasted incredible and was easy to consume and very enjoyable. What was the best part about it is how I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world. What an incredible product!!!!! I look forward to buying more and having the peace of mind that after a night of wine I can feel like a super hero the next day!

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