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How it all started

by Rachel Kaplan |

How it all started...

I was a single 20-something living in NYC, doing the whole work hard play hard thing. It was late December 2015 and I decided to ditch the snow and head to LA. Little did I know that this flight to LA would change my life forever.

The flight to LA was awful. It was so turbulent, and I remember closing my eyes thinking- so..this is how I die. The turbulence continued and, to calm my nerves, I decided to talk to the person next to me. I turned to my right and started a conversation with the nice (more calm-looking) lady.

Advice from a smart lady...

She asked me if I had any plans in LA. I talked to her about my packed weekend of partying and fun. I was planning to go out to a party on Saturday and then go to see the Nutcracker on Sunday. I told her I was super worried about being hungover the next day. This is when she gave me the most brilliant advice.

“Take a prenatal vitamin before you start drinking and you’ll be fine!”

She then launched into her story of how she went to a bachelorette party and was the only one taking prenatal vitamins. Every morning, she woke up feeling only moderately hungover while her friends suffered. They were all eating and drinking the same things, except for her- she was taking prenatal vitamins. Soon the whole group asked for prenatals and had an awesome weekend.She handed me some prenatal vitamins on the plane and thankfully the plane landed safely in LA.

The next day...

I took the pills. They helped! I ended up going to the holiday party, waking up for a hike and then to the Nutcracker. This was the beginning of my journey of taking prenatal vitamins for 2 years. Not only was I taking them, but I was handing them out like chiclets to my friends (both male and female!)


I wanted to stop taking prenatals for obvious reasons, so I did my research to understand what it was in prenatals that really helped with hangovers. It was their vitamin b complex. Doing further research, I found that milk thistle was also a strong ingredient that could help with hangovers. I went to the local vitamin store and bought milk thistle and started creating a concoction at home. It made a difference! So I did even more research and found science-supported ingredients from all over the world.

Doctor-mom to the rescue...

My mom is a medical doctor, so she and I set out to create a real hangover solution together. My mom did a deep dive into how our bodies process alcohol and eventually came up with the H-PROOF formula. I’ve now quit what I was doing before to pursue this full time.

We’re excited to bring to you H-PROOF - The first hangover solution created by doctors!

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